July 15, 2014 · Weekend Testing

Weekend Testing Europe relaunches this week

It started with a tweet...

This came up during Alessandra Moreira's session at Let's Test, "The DIY Guide to Raising the Test Bar". It was fitting then that, as a result of this session (which focused on ways that you can shape your own testing career), the European chapter of Weekend Testing is making a comeback!

I'll be facilitating the Weekend Testing Europe events, along with Amy Phillips. Amy's a well-known star of the European testing scene, whereas I'm relatively unknown; hopefully I can change that in the coming months, and give you all the chance to find out more about what makes me tick.

We've been prepping our debut session for the past few weeks, and it's already been a lot of fun. In one of life's weird coincidences, it turns out that Amy and I only live half a mile apart, which has made our organisation a lot easier - we'll be able to host from a central location, allowing us to direct the session with more efficiency.

Along the way, we've been helped along the way by some Weekend Testing veterans. We're indebted to Anna Baik, for providing insight into the previous European sessions; Ajay Balamurugadas and Sharath Byregowda, two founders of the original Bangalore Weekend Testers group who shared their passion and vision with us; Michael Larsen for his invaluable blog post about facilitation; and the community of testers worldwide who've overwhelmed us with their support and feedback so far.

We must also give special thanks to Ale, for giving us the motivation to make this happen in the first place:

The first session of the relaunched Weekend Testing Europe is WTEU47 - Time to Chat! on Sunday afternoon (3.30pm UK, 4.30pm CET). If you can spare two hours to participate, you'll be taking part in a fun practical testing exercise, followed by debrief/analysis of the group's findings. Just send an email/Skype request (either to me or Weekend Testing Europe) if you're interested in taking part.

We hope to see you there!

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