November 6, 2014 · Weekend Testing Podcasting

Hear me on the latest Testing In The Pub podcast

The latest episode of the Testing In The Pub podcast has gone live, featuring an interview with Amy Phillips and myself on the subject of Weekend Testing. It's a fun chat about how we organise and run the sessions, what you can learn, and a few behind-the-scenes secrets about what makes things tick. There's a lot of laughter!

You can get directly to the podcast by following the link below, or you can subscribe via iTunes/YouTube.

Testing In The Pub Episode 13 - Weekend Testing Europe

If you like what you hear, the next session will be next Sunday (16th November) at 3.30pm - ping us on Skype (europetesters) or Twitter (@europetesters) if you'd like to get involved!

We referenced a bunch of different testing and thinking books during the podcast, which are listed below:

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