March 14, 2015 · Events

I'm presenting a workshop at TestBash 2015

![Supercharging Your Bug Reports](/content/images/2015/03/Workshop.png)

At the end of March, I'm going to be one of the guest speakers at the TestBash Workshop Day. I'll be presenting a two-hour seminar after lunch, entitled "Supercharging Your Bug Reports".

It will be a lively interactive session, with plenty of chances to share anecdotes, talk techniques and generally immerse yourself in the art of bug reporting.

You won't need a laptop for the session. Just bring along your collective wisdom and experiences, and a willingness to talk about the good (and bad!) patterns that you've seen when creating and reviewing bug reports.

I've had tremendous fun in compiling the material for the workshop, and it's sure to be action-packed; there's no way that I'll be able to squeeze everything into the two-hour session! With a wealth of material now at my fingertips, I'll likely follow-up with a series of weekly blog posts, and/or possibly an eBook later in the year (inspired by Rob Lambert's recent guide to Kindle publishing).

I hope to see you in Brighton - or if not, join in the fun on Twitter (#TestBash) on 26th-27th March!

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