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Taking the Weekend Testing story on tour!

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It's approaching the first anniversary of the Weekend Testing Europe relaunch, and in celebration of what we've achieved so far, we're heading out and spreading the word about our community. You might have already heard Amy and me on the Testing In The Pub podcast; here's a few more of our WT-themed appearances...

99-second talks at TestBash

I've already blogged about The TestBash 2015 story, but as well as attending the conference, we held a useful WTEU facilitators update. OK, I might mean pub gathering, but we were talking about work, honestly! We rounded off TestBash by giving a 99-second talk about Weekend Testing. There's a video of the 99-second talks now available on the Ministry of Testing Dojo, if you want to see us in all our glory! (The Dojo is a great, growing collection of high-quality test webinars and resources; it's well worth signing-up.)

Weekend Testing talk at Nordic Testing Days

If you're coming to Nordic Testing Days, you can see my presentation about the resurrection and growth of Weekend Testing Europe. It's titled Weekend Testing Europe: A Behind-The-Scenes Guide to Facilitating Effective Learning. It's exactly what it says - there's going to be a lot of interesting background information about how we run Weekend Testing sessions, some frank discussion about the challenges we've faced so far, and the chance for you to put questions to a Weekend Testing facilitator (or maybe two of us, as Dan Billing is also at the conference). If you're curious about how we do what we do, or if you're trying to create interest for a similar project of your own, you'll get your chance on Thursday 4th June, 2.30pm local, room Grande 1.

Weekend Testing: The eBook!

I guess this is sort of an exclusive ;) To celebrate our first anniversary of Weekend Testing Europe, we're going to be releasing a free eBook in July. Titled "A year of Weekend Testing" (unless we come up with a better title), the book will feature potted summaries of our 12 sessions so far, interviews with facilitators/attendees, the occasional special guest, and more besides. Did I mention it's going to be free? Stay tuned for more about this - we're going to be running interviews and getting quotes for the book shortly, so if you're an attendee who wants to see their name in lights, you'll get the chance soon.

Something super secret for 2016

This one's so hot off the press that I'm not even sure that I'm supposed to say anything yet! Suffice to say, we're planning something big for 2016 - we're going to run a live classroom-based Weekend Testing session, which you'll be able to attend in-person or online. Those who attend in-person will also benefit from having some extra presentations beforehand where we talk about how we plan our sessions, and a debrief after the session where we talk about how it went. Basically, it's going to be similar to the Nordic Testing Days presentation, but with an actual live Weekend Testing exercise in the middle! It's going to be quite similar to Michael Larsen's CAST 2011 session, and I'm super-psyched about it. More information in due course.

Next online session: Sunday 17th May

If this is giving you the Weekend Testing buzz, then you might like to know that the next Weekend Testing Europe session is this Sunday - we're meeting at 3.30pm UK / 4.30pm Europe to discuss Linking In to Mobile App Testing. Bring your mobile/tablet devices, your curiosity and maybe your patience (it's our first mobile-themed session!) - hope to see you there.

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