May 28, 2015

Watch me discussing bug advocacy on The Dojo

Holy heck! How did this happen? I'm now a published author of testing video presentations! My first video has been published to The Dojo: "Supercharging Your Bug Reports".


You'll need to be a Pro subscriber to access this content. There are various packages available to suit your budget, and there are new videos being added all the time (I'm particularly looking forward to Simon Knight's "Performance Testing 101" series).

I've recorded a follow-up companion video, "Why Bug Reports Fail", which will also be appearing on the Dojo in the near future. In total, that's about 75 minutes of my dulcet tones - what more could you wish for?

My setup (nothing special)

My recording equipment was fairly straightforward; I ran the slides through Powerpoint and recorded my full-screen desktop using Screencast-O-Matic. The recorder has a decent range of editing tools, particularly if you want to make small audio cuts; to begin with, if I flubbed a line then I'd find myself leaving a 10-second gap so that I could isolate the audio easily, but by the time I'd become proficient with Screencast-O-Matic (and its ability to move start/end markers in 0.1sec increments with simple keyboard shortcuts) I was able to confidently record in a single take.

For "Supercharging Your Bug Reports", I found myself needing to take a break halfway through, so I recorded the screencast in two chunks and stitched them together with MP4Joiner, a delightful example of a tool which did exactly what I needed. (Takes 2+ MP4 files, and joins them into a single file!)

For the audio, I didn't use anything particularly special - I've got a Creative gaming headset which features an adjustable noise-cancelling mic, and this was sufficient for an audio-only record for the web. It's quite a chunky beast though, and I certainly wouldn't want to use it for anything where I'm on camera; if I start to scale-up my recordings, I'll look more closely at the recording equipment that Troy Hunt uses.

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