August 18, 2017 · Podcasting

New podcast announcement: Testers' Island Discs

Ever since launching Screen Testing, I've had another niche testing podcast in the back of my mind. We all love music (and often share playlists/videos with our fellow testers), and those musical tastes can be quite diverse. I want to celebrate that diversity whilst also producing some epic interviews with the best testers in our industry - which is where you come in!

Testers' Island Discs is an abridged ripoff homage to the BBC radio series Desert Island Discs, which has had over 3,000 episodes spanning 75 years. Just like the show that inspired it, I'll be interviewing guests about their careers, inspirations and aspirations, and interspersing the discussion with clips of their favourite songs. It's going to offer a unique perspective into the personalities within our community, and I hope you're as excited about the prospects as I am!

The podcast format

  • You pick your FIVE desert island songs. They could be your favourites, songs that put you in a good mood, or songs that help you to focus during testing.
  • You pick a testing-related topic for discussion. Maybe you have a specialisation, or just want to talk about some specific facet of testing. Alternately, it could be a straightforward discussion about your career experiences.
  • Episodes will be a maximum of 20-25 minutes in length. I know I said the same when we launched Screen Testing, and we're hardly ever under an hour, but I'm going to be stricter this time!

It's early days. We don't have a Twitter account yet. There's no artwork. And I need to license some theme music. But these are trivial problems for a later date. Right now, I want to start finding some eager voices to come on the show, who would like to show a completely different side to themselves than on other podcasts.

Click here to sign-up as a guest!

I'm hoping to launch the first couple of episodes (an introduction, and a first guest interview) before the end of September, so if you have some availability in the next few weeks, I'd be very interested in speaking with you!

If you're curious, but not yet ready to sign up, please feel free to leave a comment below, and please share the message on social media so that we can get this thing going with a bang!

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