June 28, 2018 · Podcasting

Hear me on the latest episode of The Guilty Tester

I recently took an interesting diversion from recording podcasts of my own, to appear as the speical guest on Episode 2 of the new podcast The Guilty Tester, hosted by Dave Duke. The concept for the series immediately appealed to me when I heard the pilot episode: our community spends a lot of time and energy espousing the ways that testing "should" be done, which can often be disconnected from the way that things are being done.

It's a platform for open, honest stories about the ideals that we strive for, and how sometimes we might fail to reach these standards or find ourselves forced to compromise. In my case, it shared some convenient overlaps with the "Continuous Quality" presentation which I've been touring during the past year, and - on a more meta level - some of the realisations that I'd gained through hearing comments during closing Q&A segments.

So, my episode is a bit of a retrospective on my career to this point, and specifically focused around changing attitudes to bugs, bug reporting, and a tester's role in overseeing bug fixes. I don't want to say too much more, as I'm hoping that the episode will speak for itself!

Click here to listen to Episode 2 of The Guilty Tester

It was a great experience to guest on somebody else's podcast for a change; it's been a while since I did that (you can find a list of my other appearances on my Podcasts page) and it was particularly useful for both of us that Dave had picked basically the same technology stack that I use for all of my podcasts (Zencastr for recording, and Audacity for editing) - it meant that I was able to share some tips/advice which I think carried over into the final version. Full credit to Dave for his editing skills, for a self-confessed newcomer to the podcast scene who was faced with a recording session which ran almost three times as long as he'd expected, it's a truly legendary recording and I can't wait to hear the thoughts of his future guests.

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