About Me

My name's Neil Studd, I'm a software developer/tester with a focus on delivering quality products at pace. I've been working for some of the UK and the world's biggest names, predominantly in the technology, FinTech and price comparison sectors, for the past 18 years. Having originally studied journalism at university, I also appreciate the benefit of brevity, so here's my Cliff's Notes (clue: I'm old enough to remember Cliff's Notes).

Neil, the tester

  • Primarily experienced with being on the coal-face of testing, but also with test leadership and management roles under my belt, allowing me to empathise with business needs at all levels.

  • Using my innate curiosity to guide efficient exploratory testing sessions, able to find the peskiest of bugs.

  • Striving for earlier involvement in the development process to catch bugs sooner, through pair programming and being an active participant in code reviews.

Neil, the software engineer

  • Harnessing the power of automation to produce tooling to make our lives easier (this is why I ❤️ being a Software Development Engineer in Test).

  • Ensuring that teams communicate effectively, to understand the problem that they're trying to solve, resulting in faster time-to-value.

  • A big fan of using data to drive decisions, liaising with end-users to support their use cases, and utilising production monitoring and A/B testing to comprehend conversion rates.

Neil, the "doesn't he ever switch off"? 🤔

  • Host of the Testers' Island Discs podcast, a monthly series hosted by Ministry of Testing where I interview different personalities from the world of testing, chatting about their careers and their favourite music.

  • Co-hosts Tech Team Weekly, an often-irreverent look at breaking technology news stories in the UK, and how they reflect our experiences, available on YouTube and podcast apps.

  • Co-host of the Screen Testing podcast, an irregular series with Dan Billing where we break down the plots and technological aspects of popular movies.

  • Creator of regular content on Racket, a platform for mini audio blogs.

  • International conference speaker and workshop host, presenting predominantly on testing and agile software development topics.

  • Freelance web developer and designer, hosting projects for a number of niche websites.

Neil, the "oh okay, he does sometimes switch off" 🥾

  • Making the most of the nearby Peak District hillsides by doing lots of walking and hiking; managed to be first across the finish line in the 2019 Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

  • Quiz and trivia buff, winner of local pub quizzes and the BBC quiz show Pointless.

  • Obsessive music fan, attending concerts and curating mixtapes.

  • Reader and budding fiction author.

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