Hear me on the Ahead in Tech podcast!

TLDR: I'm on this week's episode of the Ahead in Tech podcast. Video available on YouTube, or find it in your podcast app. Plus, some extended show notes! 🎙

I was honoured to be invited as the first test-focused representative on Sanjay Purswani's podcast Ahead in Tech, and my episode has dropped today! The video is embedded below, or you can click here for more links (including an audio-only version).

Scroll below the video for detailed notes and commentary!

This might mean a few newcomers to my blog, and some people hearing a lot of test-related terminology for the first time. I touched on a lot of topics very broadly during the episode, in no particular order, so if you're experiencing buzzword overload, here are some extra links for the major talking points of the episode.

The rise of SDETs / developers moving to test

Test communities and mentorship

Shifting left

Test Driven Development (TDD)

Further reading from thought leaders

T-shaped testers / specialising generalists

Training to become a tester

The phrase "QA"

Exploratory Testing as a human-driven skill

AI in testing

Testers don't break things

Other topics that I mentioned, which I still need to find good links for! (But I'm still happy to chat about them regardless.)

  • Communication skills for testers (especially remote)

  • Technically upskilling testers (should testers learn to code?/ becoming "code-literate")

  • Testers as failed developers

  • "Falling into testing"

  • Testers as introverts

  • "No user would ever do that"

  • Testing as an information delivery business

  • Benefits of monitoring and logging in production

Other places that I'm producing content