Announcing the Tech Team Weekly podcast!

TL;DR - A new panel show releasing every Monday on YouTube and podcast apps, talking about the latest UK technology news and how it affects our product teams. πŸ—ž

To quote Nick Fury: "There was an idea…"

When I recorded for my appearance on the Ahead in Tech podcast last month, Sanjay Purswani gave me the elevator pitch for a podcast project that he was working on: a round-table technology current affairs show featuring several hosts from multiple product disciplines, talking about the current goings-on in their working lives. The name of that podcast? The Stand-Up.

I immediately shattered his dreams by pointing to multiple other podcasts which had already taken the name. However, I also volunteered myself to take part, as it's right up my alley. In essence, it's a podcast where we get to talk about all of the things that usually get sidebarred in all of the other podcasts that I record!

The hunt was on for a third co-host. Sanjay asked me to put forward some contenders, and among the names that I suggested, he immediately honed in on Gwen Diagram for her enthusiasm and storytelling prowess. I told Sanjay that I'd get in touch with her, but to keep expectations low, as I hadn't even floated the idea past Gwen at this point.

I DM'd Gwen on Twitter, asking whether there was a good email address for me to contact her about an opportunity which she might be interested in. I realised that this sounded exactly like what somebody would say if they'd hacked my account, so I also hurriedly attached the photo below 🀣

And incredibly (this is going to sound like a terrible Instagram marriage proposal collage) SHE SAID YES! Since then, we've been working together to refine the show's format, removing each of our major blockers in turn:

  • We needed to agree upon a name, so that we could start to work on branding, URLs, social media accounts etc.

  • Then we needed logos, artwork and branding, so that we could make all of our accounts look pretty.

  • Then we needed to purchase some music for our title theme, so that we didn't just explode into people's ears unannounced.

  • Then we needed to record a trailer, so that people would know that we existed.

And, as of today, we've finally completed that final step. If you haven't seen it already, the trailer for Tech Team Weekly is embedded below:

Tech Team Weekly trailer on YouTube

Our first weekly episode will be out next Monday, 30th August. To stay informed, the number one place to follow us is on Twitter @TechTeamWeekly, as we'll be asking for audience comments before (and after) each episode, and we'll be running contests and giveaways - because who doesn't love swag?

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of Tech Team Weekly, and find all of the subscription links for the various podcast platforms, pop on over to

It's an exciting venture and we're tackling it at full speed. We're bringing the "building in public" initiative into the podcast itself; among our regular sections, we'll be talking about Podcast Driven Development, where we talk about what's working (and what isn't), hear from listeners about what they like (and what they don't), and maybe one day we'll have some Patreon followers to support us! But for the time being, all we ask is that you give us a like and a follow on any platform that you're using, and help to share the message about what we're trying to build. We'll see you on the airwaves! πŸ“»