Forthcoming & Past Events

A list of all the testing events that I've attended, or will be attending. All bookings are subject to change; if you want to check whether I'm really going to any of the below, it's advisable to contact me.


March 19th-21st: Rapid Software Testing
March 22nd: TestBash 2.0
May 15th: Agile Development and User Experience


January 28th-30th: Rapid Testing Intensive Online
March 31st: TestBash 3 (Read all about it!)
April 10th: London Tester Gathering
April 29th-30th: UK Test Management Summit
May 7th: Nottingham MeetUp (#NottsTest)
May 12th: Improvisation for Testers - workshop with James Lyndsay
May 26th-28th: Let's Test (Read all about it!)
June 4th: Nottingham Meetup (#NottsTest)
July 7th: Weekend Testing Americas WTA-52 "Going deep" (Read all about it!)
July 10th: The Defectives - London World Cup Special
July 20th: Weekend Testing Europe WTEU-47 "Time to Chat!" (Read all about it!)
July 23rd: Cambridge Lean Coffee
July 26th: Weekend Testing Australia & New Zealand WTANZ22 "Back to Basics: Exploratory Test Planning"
July 30th: UK Test Management Forum - July 2014
July 30th: London Tester Gathering
August 12th-13th: webCAST
August 13th: Nottingham Meetup (#NottsTest: CAST Live)
August 17th: Weekend Testing Europe WTEU-48 "Test Reporting" (Read all about it!)
September 5th: Brighton Test Mingle Meetup
September 13th: MEWT 2: Regression Testing (Read all about it!)
September 21st: Weekend Testing Europe WTEU-49 "How do you deliver bad news?"
October 19th: Weekend Testing Europe WTEU-50 "Securing your applications"
October 22nd: Cambridge Lean Coffee
October 30th: Security Testing for Testers (Read all about it!)
November 3rd: Python for Testers (Read all about it!)
November 5th: Techniques for Manual Agile Testers (Read all about it!)
November 6th: Problem Solving for Testers (Read all about it!)
November 7th: Behaviour Driven Development for Testers (Read all about it!)
November 16th: Weekend Testing Europe WTEU-51 "Bug Hunting in MindMup"
November 24th-27th: EuroSTAR Conference 2014


January 25th: Weekend Testing Europe WTEU-53 "An Introduction to API Testing"
January 28th: London Tester Gathering
February 22nd: Weekend Testing Europe WTEU-54 "Exploratory Testing in an Agile Context"
March 26th-27th: TestBash 2015 (Read all about it!)
May 17th: Weekend Testing Europe WTEU-57 "Linking In to mobile app testing"
June 3rd-5th: Nordic Testing Days (Read all about it!)
July 1st: NottsTest: "Patching our way to lower software quality?"
July 19th: Weekend Testing Europe WTEU-59 "A nice cup of Lean Coffee"
August 19th: #BrighTest: "Patching our way to lower software quality?"
October 18th: Weekend Testing Europe WTEU-62 "How to evaluate a product"


February 2nd: Agile on Tap with Troy Hunt
March 4th: BGL Tech Conference: "Mob Programming: Put down the pitchforks and pick up a keyboard"
April 12th: Lightning talk at Compare The Market: "Patching our way to lower software quality?"
May 15th: Weekend Testing Europe WTEU-68 "Sizing up our webpages"
June 22nd: #BrighTest: "Good Job: A story of motivation, encouragement, and dramatic failures"
July 24th: Weekend Testing Europe WTEU-71 "Measurable Quality (LIVE!)"
August 6th: CAST 2016: Test Retreat (Read all about it!)
August 8th-10th: CAST 2016 (Read all about it!)
October 21st-22nd: TestBash Manchester


February 8th-10th: European Testing Conference
February 19th: Weekend Testing Europe WTEU-73 "Building a testing syllabus"
March 24th-25th: TestBash Brighton (Video review!)
May 24th: #BrighTest: "Continuous Quality: Moving beyond bug reports"
June 21st: Agile on Tap
August 16th: MoT Cambridge Meetup
September 12th: MoT Cambridge Meetup: "Continuous Quality: Moving beyond bug reports"
October 26th-28th: TestBash Manchester
November 9th-10th: TestBash Philadelphia
November 29th: Agile on Tap