PML#006 - Maintaining standard orbit

TL;DR - Travelling and three-day weekend makes for a late update! In the flow, so changing the frequency/format of these updates. πŸ—“

An even later update than last week (technically, we're already 40% through the next week)! Yesterday was a public holiday in the UK, and I used the occasion as a good excuse to meet up with my family at the other end of the country, travelling back this morning (the beauty of flexible working hours: I just started work a bit late when I got back, and worked a bit later into the evening than I otherwise would).

Last week seems like a long time ago now, but here's how I got on:

Last week's objectives: 3/4 completed (and smashed one of them)

  • β˜‘οΈ Complete my Space Camp collection (apart from finalising documentation). All done and delivered on-time. In fact, I also had a fairly reasonable first attempt at the documentation; the first draft of the docs has been fully completed, pending an examination from someone who actually knows what they're doing πŸ˜…

  • β˜‘οΈ Create outline for companion Space Camp blog post. My blog post notes are ready to go, pending the finalisation of the Space Camp content (so that they're covering the correct material). We also need to create some slide-deck material to go with the session, and there's a good chance that some of it will be sourced from my notes!

  • ⬜ Get a local Postman application build running. This proved to be a harder problem to surmount than I'd hoped, mostly as I was short of people to reach out to; we're in the midst of some internal changes to how we handle packages, and the documentation isn't yet updated to reflect these changes. I'm working on solving this right now (and getting the documentation updated accordingly)!

  • β˜‘οΈ Crack at least one of my team's long-running test failures. Well, technically I did this. One of our tests which has been failing for weeks was resolved by one of our developers, so I ticked off the goal. However, it's subsequently started failing again πŸ˜• There's a discussion to be had about whether these tests are providing us any value, for sure. Certainly nobody else seems to be observing their failure with any concern.

The relentless march onwards…

Life's been pretty hectic. Alongside that four days of travelling, I launched the Tech Team Weekly podcast, released a new episode of Testers' Island Discs, started to plan for the next one, and wrote some content for the Ministry of Testing website. And wrote this, I suppose!

All of which is to say, my free time right now (i.e. the time remaining after I feel that I have given adequate attention to my family) is seriously squeezed. I already called this out in a tweet recently:

So with that in mind, I'm going to change these updates to be less frequent; I'll share milestones and learnings as I continue, just not in a weekly fashion. However, good news for those who are eager for regular updates from the land of Neil's work: At the start of each episode of Tech Team Weekly, we have a section called "The Standup" where each of the hosts discuss their current work, what's coming up, and any blockers that they're experiencing. In other words, I'll still be communicating the same information as these weekly updates, but in podcast form! πŸŽ™

My hope is that this will also free up more time for ad-hoc posts about… well, pretty much anything. The list of things that I want to get stuck into when I've got more free-time is ginormous, and I really want to make room to start tackling my next big secret project soon. But not just yet. Keep watching this space… πŸ‘€