I love podcasting! This page is still under construction, but it's basically a hub for all my podcast things.

My podcasts

Here are all the shows that I'm actively working on at the moment.

Screen Testing

A fortnightly podcast where Dan Billing and myself take a slightly wry, slightly pedantic look at the world of TV and cinema through the eyes of software testers. We're frequently joined by special guests to share their own favourites and their guilty pleasures.

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Testers' Island Discs

A podcast presented in partnership with Ministry of Testing, where each episode I interview a special guest about their career, their passions, and the music that inspires them.

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Mystery Project #3

My first non-testing-related podcast, which is at a fairly advanced stage of planning. I don't want to jinx it any further by saying more just yet, but I'm intending to launch it around the end of this year. Keep your eyes peeled, or your ears tuned, or something like that!

If you're interested in finding out more about the equipment/setup that I use for recording, the basics (along with some outtakes of when it all goes wrong) can be found in my blog post Lessons learned from editing my first podcast. If you'd like more specific advice, please get in touch - I'll be happy to share more about my experiences!

Guest appearances on other podcasts

I've also appeared on several episodes of other people's shows, which you can find linked below. I'd love to appear on more - please feel free to invite me, or I might come a-knockin' myself when I have a bit more spare time (like that's ever going to happen).

The Guilty Tester: Episode #2 - "Neil Studd - Bugs"

Released 28th June 2018
Do you ever feel guilty for not meeting the standards set by others in the Software Testing community? Okay, let's talk about that then.

In this pilot episode I talk to Neil Studd. We discuss his software principles concerning bugs and the things that seem simple in theory are often far from simple in practice.

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Inner Pod: Episode #8 - "Neil on talking"

Released 31st May 2017
This week I talk to Neil Studd. We talk about talking: talking to other people when you’re having a rough time, and how it can really help get through tough times. We also talk about social media and how that can be a blessing or a curse when it comes to mental health.

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Let's Talk About Tests, Baby #62 - "Banishing the permanently exhausted pigeon"

Released 20th October 2016
This week I talk to Neil Studd about motivation! We touch on a lot of stuff including but not limited to: burnout, 9-5 testers, neurodiversity, and more.

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Testing In The Pub #13 - "Weekend Testing Europe"

Released 6th November 2014
In this episode we are really lucky to be able to talk to Amy Phillips and Neil Studd about Weekend Testing Europe. Weekend Testing Europe is the European chapter of Weekend Testing and was relaunched in 2014 by Amy and Neil. It gives you the opportunity to practice testing, and learn new skills, from others like-minded people - at the weekend :)

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