Recent and upcoming events

TL;DR - A quick summary of the conferences and meetups at which I've spoken recently, and my remaining engagements of 2021. πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ«

There's been an unexpected radio silence on these pages in the past couple of months, and although I'm pretty good at surfacing my busyness (hi, everybody I've had to say "no" to recently), this seems like a pretty good opportunity to give everybody a catch-up on where else I've been publishing content lately.

Podcasts πŸŽ™

  • The Tech Team Weekly podcast is into double-figures now! We've had really good feedback from listeners who are enjoying it, and although our audience figures aren't record-breaking, they're keeping us engaged enough to have fun conversations about hot topics in technology, which we publish every Monday morning.

  • The Testers' Island Discs podcast goes from strength to strength; having ploughed through the episode 50 milestone, we're ending the year with a trio of "something a bit different" shows. Episode 52 features test recruiter Gabbi Trotter, the first "non-tester" to be interviewed; I'm about to record Episode 53 with Kelly Kenyon, who's brand-new to the industry and will be the first "newcomer" to be interviewed; and in December there's going to be the equivalent of a phone-in episode - if you want to be the first to find out what it's all about, visit the Community All-Request Spectacular submission form.

  • I've also guested on the TestSphere Roulette podcast, chatting with old podcast comrade Dan Billing about some randomly-selected testing topics (even though I am slightly dubious about the randomness!)

Online Conferences, Meetups and Events 🀝

  • Last week I spoke at Test.Bash(); for the first time - a fun experience, not least because the talks were pre-recorded, meaning that I was free of conference-day nerves. The talk will be available to watch on-demand for Ministry of Testing Pro members in the near future; I've added a resources page related to my presentation which may prove helpful.

  • I co-hosted a Postman Space Camp session, Continuous Quality with Postman, an intermediate training webinar design to hopefully reveal some insights into using Postman to build effective quality metrics into your API testing.

  • I also appeared as a guest on one of Postman's weekly livestreams, The Busy Developer's Guide to Testing, which was a bit more freestyle but was again designed to help people with strategies when they encounter an API which doesn't currently have any test coverage: how do you identify quick wins, and how do you determine what will bring value.

Still to come this year… πŸ—“

The year is rapidly drawing to a close, and while I'm mostly planning on giving myself a break in December prior to an action-packed January (more about that later), I've got a few more things on the way:

Whilst I'm not on socials that much at the moment, feel free to reach out via DM on Twitter or LinkedIn if you've got any questions, requests or invites to add to my to-do list! πŸ‘‹